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You can't manage it
if you can't measure it!

  • Recover missed sales by discovering unanswered calls which require a follow-up.

  • Adjust work schedules to control labor costs and improve customer service by learning peak and light call times.

  • View summary and detailed call activity by individuals or groups.

  • Combine and compare results from multiple locations on the same report.

  • Search for lost phone numbers based on caller-id name.

  • Track inbound and outbound calls by phone number.

  • Document employee performance issues.

  • Compare call activity within groups like sales or customer service to identify top performers.

  • Track calls to specific inbound numbers to measure marketing campaigns.

  • Retrieve critical data instantly through any browser during an emergency or if building power is out.

  • Easily produce call records for legal compliance.

- No-risk free 30-day trial
- No equipment to buy
- Low monthly cost
- Cancel any time
- Supports multiple sites
- Alerts if 911 is dialed
- Alerts if connection lost
- Schedule reports for
      delivery by e-mail
- On-demand reports