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About Sea To Sea Communications

Sea To Sea Communications has provided wholesale and retail telecommunications solutions since 1991.

Our original DOS-based VoiceTrak system was created 25 years ago.  VoiceTrak and our Windows-based WavMail system continue to handle millions of calls every year.

Sea To Sea was an original authorized Samsung Business Telecommunications dealer when Samsung entered the US market in the 1990s and we remain an active dealer today. We are certified on every major Samsung telecommunications product.

Call Traffic

Samsung and other manufacturers embraced the Internet as it developed and this paved the way for our hosted call accounting application. 

Call-accounting systems have been available for decades but these systems require on-site computer equipment to collect data and generate reports.  We're able to reduce the customer cost while providing additional benefits by eliminating the need for an on-site PC by using a hosted solution.

Thanks to the generous cooperation of our direct Samsung customers we accumulated a test database of over 10,000,000 call records as CallTraffic was created.  The result is the highly-reliable and extensively-tested CallTraffic system available today. 

As with all hosted computer applications, new reports and features are added and available without any customer action.  These new system benefits simply appear with no effort or additional cost on the part of system users.

Features of the system will continue to expand and grow as we receive additional customer ideas and suggestions.

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CallTraffic currently supports all Samsung 7000 series systems and the Samsung 100 and 500 systems using R2 software.