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Dealer Opportunities

Do you sell and service Samsung business telephone systems?

We need to talk!

CallTraffic offers a great opportunity to provide your customers with a solid call-accounting solution developed and designed exclusively for Samsung systems. 

By eliminating the cost of on-site call-accounting equipment and software licenses, your customers save money, enjoy greater reliability and access, and you are compensated for your efforts.

Do your customers expect your extended support?

Many customers expect their phone dealer to handle all their telecommunication matters, including CallTraffic.  We make that easy and keep you in the loop.

Your CallTraffic dealer login gives you access to your customers with
rights to add/change users, run on-demand reports and schedule automated reports. 

We've been partnering with satisfied phone dealers for over 20 years.

A successful partnership requires that the customer must receive a better product at a lower price while dealers must earn fair compensation for their efforts.  CallTraffic accomplishes these goals.

As fellow authorized and certified Samsung dealers we can help you tweak the Samsung configuration to work with CallTraffic.


To start offering CallTraffic to your customers, please contact Dave Anderson, extension 201, at 678.325.0088 or 800.966.4446.