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System Reports


Daily Dashboard report

The Daily Dashboard is a single, consolidated report designed to give a morning overview of the previous day.  Use check-boxes to choose which individual reports appear on the Daily Dashboard.

While any system reports can be sent automatically, each report arrives in a separate e-mail message.  The Daily Dashboard allows you to consolidate report information into a single e-mail.

Daily Dashboard report options include:

  • Traffic Detail Report
  • Seconds to answer, by hour
  • Abandoned calls
  • Longest Calls
  • Extension summary
  • Frequently dialed numbers
  • DID (called number, requires PRI or SIP service)
  • Line summary

Standard reports

Abandoned Calls

Calls which ring into the system but are never answered can be tracked with the Abandoned Calls report.  This report also displays a percentage of inbound calls which are never answered.  This information is required by accreditation agencies of some industries.

Abandoned Calls with follow-up

The abandoned calls report lists every unanswered call to your system.

The abandoned calls with follow-up report takes this a step further by listing any additional times the same caller was abandoned, and then listing any subsequent successful calls, either inbound or outbound.

If an abandoned call had a subsequent contact then no further action is required.

If an abandoned call is received with no subsequent contact the call is flagged on the report so someone can return the call.  This may help recover potentially lost sales or calm an unhappy caller looking for assistance. 

This report is most effective when run daily and we recommend adding this report to your list of reports to run automatically each day.

"Good morning.  This is ABC Company calling.  We apologize because we see that you tried to call us yesterday and we were not quick enough to answer your call.  Is there something that I can help you with today?"

Inbound / Outbound call report

This report has almost a dozen variations because the information is so useful.

With this report you can view only inbound, only outbound or both inbound and outbound calls, and view these by time of day.  Results can also be listed in one hour blocks over the week from most to least busy times.  You could learn that Tuesday from 1 to 2 is the busiest with Friday from 3 to 4 being the next busiest. 

This type of information provides the detail required for rational scheduling of people to handle peak times.  Restaurants and retail operations obtain this information from cash registers and you can now get the same valuable information from your phone system.

DID report

Direct Inward Dial (DID) refers to a technology where many phone numbers arrive by channels rather than individual phone lines.  For example, hundreds of phone numbers could arrive on any of 23 channels.  CallTraffic makes sense of the confusion by reporting traffic information based on the number dialed.

Customers with DID service, in most cases, assign some or all desk phones a unique phone number that can be dialed directly by outside caller, bypassing the receptionist.

Many organizations run marketing or advertising campaigns and use a unique DID number.  CallTraffic makes it easy to track the results of that campaign with details about when calls are received on specific numbers.

Extension Detail Report / Extension Summary Report

Both reports evaluate all or some extensions during a span of time and show the number of inbound and outbound calls, average call length and the total call time.

The detail report also lists every call to and from that extension during the specified time span.

Most Frequently Called Numbers

The most frequently dialed phone numbers are listed in descending order.

This report can focus on a single extension, a group of extensions or all extension during a span of time.

Longest Calls Report

The longest calls are listed in descending order.

This report can focus on a single extension, a group of extensions or all extension during a span of time.