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CallTraffic Pricing - less than $1 a day

CallTraffic vs. traditional call accounting systems


$29.95 / month

No equipment to buy or maintain.
No software license to purchase.

No cost for system enhancements.

No contract - cancel any time.

FREE 30-day trial with
no obligation.

Traditional call accounting system

$1,800 - $2,200 typical installed up-front cost,
4-5 year typical PC life.

Sales tax on purchased equipment.

PC to maintain and repair.

Windows software to regularly update/upgrade.

Replace PC and Windows every 4-5 years.

Purchase and install software updates.

Excellent Value

  • Risk-free
    30-day FREE trial period.

  • No equipment to purchase or replace

  • No contract; cancel at any time

  • Discounts for additional locations